LSI Director Rabieh Razzouk: In My Own Words

What inspired me to work in the field of education was seeing how fellow students in college had an advantage because their teachers had more access to technology and resources than my school teachers did. Closing that gapLSI Director Rabieh Razzouk holding a large balloon with the CPALMS logo on it inside an exhibition hall. has been a significant focus for our team at LSI. That goal led to the development of CPALMS, now the State of Florida’s official source for standards and course descriptions. It also offers thousands of high-quality instructional and educational resources for teachers and students. It was not an easy road, but today our team supports millions of educators and students to improve teaching and learning using high-quality resources and tools created specifically for them.

Since the inception of LSI, we have worked on projects in dozens of countries. We have learned that we share the same challenges in education across the globe, and a lot more can be done if we collaborate on these issues. In my role as the Director of LSI, I hope to support and facilitate our team to do so.

Dr. Adrienne Barnes-Story: In My Own Words

Dr. Adrienne Barnes-Story kneeling in front of a table working with two educators in Zambia.I began to work in international development by happenstance. I was asked to do some teacher training without knowing it would be in Ethiopia. When I completed that first training, I realized that education development work is where I belong. I’ve physically worked in seven countries (USA, Honduras, the Philippines, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Zambia, and Malawi); I’ve remotely supported work in two countries (Uzbekistan, Rwanda); and I’ve presented research at international conferences in five countries outside the USA (Hong Kong, Mexico, Canada, Nigeria, Ethiopia).

My single proudest professional moment with LSI was realizing that I had met my goal of winning a Prime contract with USAID. I view my work as impacting teachers and teacher educators by improving their knowledge, skills, and attitudes toward the teaching of literacy. The most significant challenge of my work centers around learning how to prioritize my physical/mental health and family over work and finding a healthy work-life balance.

The biggest misconceptions about the people and countries where I’ve worked are related to ideas that the people are not interested in improving, are not willing to work hard, or are not capable of learning to use evidence-based concepts of instruction. The most interesting lessons I’ve learned by working globally include: 1) I have enough – more than enough; 2) humility; 3) patience; and 4) minimalism. There are so many more lessons about being human that simply cannot be put into words!

LSI’s Dr. Robert Schoen Named Kenneth P. Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year

St. Petersburg, FL – The Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) has named Florida State University professor and Learning Systems Institute (LSI) faculty member Robert Schoen, Ph.D., the Kenneth P. Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year. The award was established in 1976 to recognize an individual’s outstanding contributions to mathematics education.Dr. Robert Schoen poses with his Kenneth P. Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year plaque

“This is a well-deserved award,” said LSI Director Rabieh Razzouk. “Dr. Schoen who has made major contributions to elementary math and secondary statistics education in Florida. His work on Cognitive Guided Instruction and other projects have directly impacted thousands of teachers and their students. We are proud of his achievements and grateful to FCTM for considering and presenting him with this award.”

Schoen is the Associate Director of LSI’s Florida Center for Research in STEM (FCR–STEM) and an Associate Professor in Mathematics Education at Florida State University. His research experience extends from the development of educational and psychological measurement instruments and in-depth study of student mathematical thinking to the mathematical education of teachers and rigorous evaluation of the effectiveness of educational interventions. Dr. Schoen is principal investigator for two large-scale professional development initiatives in diverse school settings. The IES-funded Replicating the CGI Experiment in Diverse Environments is an efficacy study of a Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) professional development program.

“I have a great respect for FCTM, and I feel deeply honored to receive this award,” said Schoen. “My team and I work so hard to help improve teaching and learning while increasing the scientific rigor of education research. It feels great to be recognized by mathematics teachers for the impact that we are having on their work.”

The award was announced at FCTM’s 69th Annual Conference in St. Petersburg, FL attended by hundreds of math education professionals. Schoen is the first Tallahassee-based educator to win the award since 1994 and just the third ever from Tallahassee to be so honored.

LSI at Florida State University is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that bridge theory and practice in education. For over 50 years, LSI has delivered systems that measurably improve the learning and performance of organizations and individuals here in Florida and globally. Our experts’ advanced research provides not only state-of-the-art methods but also a clear path for implementation.