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Community College Administrator Program (CCAP) Online Modules (English)

Module 01 – Orientation to the Community College Administrator Program (Accessible PDF Version): Discover the objectives, design, and stakeholders of the Community College Administrator Program (CCAP).

Module 02 – A Brief History of the United States Community College System (Accessible PDF Version): Explore the origins, evolution, and future challenges of the community college system in the United States.

Module 03 – Community College Governance (Accessible PDF Version): Learn about models of community college governance in Florida and beyond and issues related to governance.

Module 04 – Community College Funding (Accessible PDF Version): Discover how U.S. community colleges obtain, manage, and spend funds for programs and operations and recent funding trends.

Module 05 – Community College Leadership (Accessible PDF Version): Examine leadership roles and structures within U.S. community colleges and the shift toward shared governance.

Module 06 – Workforce Development in Community Colleges (Accessible PDF Version): Explore the variety, development, and value of workforce education programs in U.S. community colleges.

Module 07 – The Community College Student Body (Accessible PDF Version): Learn about the diversity of U.S. community college students and how schools are meeting the challenges of open access.

Module 08 – Community College Academic Affairs (Accessible PDF Version): Examine the purpose and structure of academic affairs in U.S. community colleges and the uniqueness of community college faculty.

Module 09 – Community College Student Affairs (Accessible PDF Version): Discover how student affairs in U.S. community colleges works to provide support and the “total college experience” beyond the classroom.

Module 10 – Teaching and Learning in the Community College (Accessible PDF Version): Explore teaching and learning in U.S. community colleges, the use of active learning, and the excellence of community college faculty.