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 CPALMS ( is an online toolbox of information, free vetted resources, and interactive tools to help educators effectively implement teaching standards. Launched in 2008, CPALMS has grown into a widely used web-based dissemination platform accessible 24/7 for supporting K-12 teachers in a digital world. It currently averages 4 million visitors per month worldwide and has a growing network of 115,000 educators in Florida, where it is the official source for information on curriculum standards and course descriptions.

CPALMS offers free K-12 educational resources, such as lessons, videos, animations, and simulations with a primary emphasis on math, science, and English/language arts.  The collection is limited to open educational resources, i.e., those available at no cost and modifiable by teachers to meet the needs of their students. The CPALMS collection currently offers 11,000 resources for K-12 teachers and 2,000 resources, such as tutorials, games, simulations, and virtual manipulatives, for K-12 students.

Over 90 percent of the resources are developed by FCR–STEM or by K-12 teachers, including those who participate in FCR–STEM professional development projects.  All existing and newly developed resources are vetted by content and teacher experts. Teachers submitting lessons to CPALMS receive reviewer feedback, which not only guides re-submissions but also provides valuable professional development.

CPALMS also includes tools to support classroom teaching, such a Curriculum Planning Tool that automatically connects users to just-in-time to resources related to the courses they teach. Completed in 2015, a Math Formative Assessment System, helps K-8 as well as algebra and geometry teachers informally assess student mathematics learning in the classroom and differentiate instruction to meet students’ learning needs. A Lesson Study Support System guides teacher teams through a collaborative process for improving lessons and student learning.

CPALMS continues to expand in content, functionality, and worldwide reach through multiple grants from federal, state, and private sources.

Principal Investigator

Rabieh Razzouk, MBA

FCR-STEM Director and

LSI Director







National Science Foundation

U.S. Department of Education

Florida Legislature

Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of State

Everglades Foundation

Public Consulting Group

Indian River State College

Lake County School District

North East Florida Educational Consortium

School District of Osceola County

St. Lucie Public Schools

Florida Developmental Disabilities Council