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Science, Technology, Research and Innovation for Development — Philippines

The Science, Technology, Research, and Innovation for Development (STRIDE) Project is a five-year $32 million initiative of the United States Agency for International Development designed to spur inclusive economic growth in the Philippines by boosting science and technology research.

Implemented by RTI International, the STRIDE project works closely with Philippine academic institutions and industries to transform their capacity to produce research, university graduates with industry-relevant skills and training, and innovative partnerships to accelerate development in the country. STRIDE is achieving these goals through

  • Improved higher education curriculum in response to the industry and the job market needs
  • Improved qualifications of faculty and staff in higher education institutions engaged in relevant science, technology and innovation (STI) disciplines
  • Improved research capacity in critical STI disciplines
  • Strengthened linkages between universities and industry in high growth economic sectors
  • Strengthened policy and management capacity of higher education institutions in improving the STI ecosystem.

Learning Systems Institute experts in career counseling, career center design and administration, instructional design, and human performance technology improvement are helping to achieve STRIDE goals by establishing university-based career services centers in Palawan and Mindanao.

In Manila, LSI restructured engineering instructional curricula for several engineering schools to be more responsive to the needs of industry and the job market.

Principal Investigator

Jeffrey Ayala Milligan, Ph.D.

Director, Learning Systems Institute

Director, Center for International Studies in Educational Research & Development


Co-Principal Investigator

Aubteen Darabi, Ph.D.

Senior Research Faculty and Associate Professor, Instructional Systems and Learning Technology


U.S. Agency for International Development

$1.4 million subcontract through RTI International