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Aubteen Darabi, Ph.D.

Retired Senior Research Faculty and Associate Professor, Instructional Systems and Learning Technology

Aubteen Darabi, Ph.D., is a senior research faculty at Learning Systems Institute (LSI) and a tenured associate professor of Instructional Systems and Learning Technology (ISLT) in the Department of Educational Psychology and learning Systems (EPLS).

With his extensive research and development experiences, Darabi is the recipient and co-recipient of more than $10 million in research and creativity grants and contracts including developing a performance-based training system for the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2010 and developing guidelines for transferring US Navy’s training courses to an online platform in 2003. As the principal investigator of the DHS project, Darabi received the 2011 Innovators Award from The Florida State University for developing the project which was also nominated and ranked as the semifinalist for 2009 Homeland Security Award presented by the Christopher Columbus Fellowship Foundation.

More recently, as the Co-PI of international development projects, Darabi has worked with the Philippines’ engineering schools to establish a professional science degree program by revising and upgrading their curricula in response to the industry’s needs. He has also worked with Indonesian and Indian community college faculty and administration in their adoption of workforce development principles in their curricula.

Darabi is the author of over 30 refereed articles and book chapters and has presented numerous scholarly papers in national and international conferences. His research focuses on application of learning and teaching strategies for improving learners’ skills in performing complex cognitive tasks. This includes conducting performance improvement studies and developing instructional and non-instructional interventions for organizations and evaluation of their efficiency and effectiveness.

In ISLT program, Darabi teaches graduate courses in instructional systems, performance improvement, evaluation, and change management. His success in teaching graduate courses led to his nomination for the 2011-12 school year Graduate Teaching Award.


Ph.D., Mass Communication, Theory and Research of Social Change, Florida State University
M.S., Mass Communication, Media Effects, Florida State University
B.S., Educational Administration, Aburaihan University, Tehran, Iran


  • Darabi, A., Arrastia-Lloyd, M. C., Nelson, W.D., Liang, X. & Farrell, J. (2015). Learning how the electron transport chain works: independent and interactive effects of instructional strategies and learners’ characteristics. Advances in Health Science Education, DOI 10.1007/s10459-015-9592-2.

  • Darabi, A. (2015). Learning in the defense sector with simulated systems. In J. Michael Spector (Ed.) The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Technology, SAGE Publications, Inc., Thousand Oaks, Print ISBN: 9781452258225, Online ISBN: 9781483346397.