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  • Group of educators in Rwanda taking a survey to improve teacher training programs and the teaching practice
    Working to improve teacher training programs and the teaching practice in Rwanda

LSI International Center

LSI International Center Community College Administrator Program is a U.S. State Department initiative intended to enhance understanding of U.S. community colleges among educators in countries developing their own community college systems.

The international arm of the Learning Systems Institute, the LSI International Center works to improve learning and instruction in developing countries through international partners with government, universities, and non-governmental organizations. The team’s on-the-ground experience is extensive and builds on a legacy of work in international settings.

During the 30-year tenure of founder Robert Morgan, LSI firmly established a reputation as an expert manager of international development projects related to education. Now under the leadership of Jeffrey Ayala Milligan, LSI continues to focus on international development through the LSI International Center. Over the years LSI has worked in 25 countries and partnered with dozens of international institutions, managing more than $100 million in international projects alone.

In recent years the LSI International Center has supported numerous international development projects and has expanded its international reach.

Organizations such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State, UNICEF, and CARE International have entrusted the LSI International Center with research and development work, as have government agencies in, Indonesia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, India, Ukraine, Nigeria, Tuvalu, nations in Latin America, and elsewhere.

The LSI International Center’s on-the-ground experience in these countries is extensive, and our faculty and staff work closely with partners at universities and other institutions here and abroad.

LSI International Center Faculty

LSI International Center Projects


Jeffrey Ayala Milligan 2014Jeffrey Ayala Milligan, Ph.D., is former Director of the Learning Systems Institute.