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Dr. Rob Schoen discusses how Open Science is helping to realize the next major paradigm shift in research, how you can get involved, and why it matters.

LSI graduate research assistant Bodunrin Akinrinmade discusses his journey into education in the latest installment of "In My Own Words".

Dr. Milligan officially joined LSI in 2011 by filling a role that would help lead more international development projects. Three years later, he would be leading the department.

I am gratified to have had the opportunity to work with others at LSI to help rebuild our profile in international work. And I take a little pride in recognizing people who are smarter and more capable than I am.

Video from the 3-day workshop conducted by international experts Rabieh Razzouk and Robert Lengacher from Florida State University within the framework of Uzbekistan Education for Excellence Program (UEEP).

YouTube video with new LSI/Educational Leadership & Policy Studies Department faculty member Dr. Neha Miglani.

Since the inception of LSI, we have worked on projects in dozens of countries. We have learned that we share the same challenges in education across the globe, and a lot more can be done if we collaborate on these issues. In my role as the Director of LSI, I hope to support and facilitate our team to do so.

As a graduate student in mathematics, I was hired as a math expert to work with teachers. Through that work, I observed many math classes and witnessed an impoverished version of mathematics being experienced by many children. I wanted to help improve their learning opportunities in mathematics and changed my focus from mathematics to mathematics education.

I began to work in international development by happenstance. I was asked to do some teacher training without knowing it would be in Ethiopia. When I completed that first training, I realized that education development work is where I belong.

The Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) has named Florida State University professor and Learning Systems Institute (LSI) faculty member Robert Schoen, Ph.D., the Kenneth P. Kidd Mathematics Educator of the Year. The award was established in 1976 to recognize an individual’s outstanding contributions to mathematics education.