Dr. Adrienne Barnes-Story, a Research Specialist at the Learning Systems Institute, has been awarded a 2024 SEED Award from the Council on Research and Creativity. Work on the project titled “Large Class Pedagogy in Low-Income Contexts: Exploring Methods with Teachers in Malawi” will begin later this year.   

The Learning Systems Institute (LSI) at Florida State University, in conjunction with FHI 360, Save the Children and the Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB), have been working together since 2021 to enhance the pre-primary education system to develop, promote and improve students' emergent language and literacy skills, as well as strengthen the lower primary education system, school environment and classroom instruction to enhance students' literacy outcomes.

Florida State University’s Ukraine Task Force and the Center for Global Engagement held a celebration for Vyshyvanka Day Wednesday, May 15, in The Globe Auditorium that featured Ukrainian appetizers, special presentations and an opportunity for the FSU community to engage with the Ukrainian diaspora in Tallahassee.

Dr. Anna Romanova, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament, has joined the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. As a researcher, Dr. Romanova utilizes her passion, expertise, and network to inform FSU's Ukraine Task Force.

In 2022, the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University was chosen to lead a U.S. Agency for International Development sponsored project to improve teacher training in Malawi. Now in its third year, the STEP Malawi Activity is continuing to meet expectations and making successful strides to impact the entire primary education system.

The Community College Administrator Program (CCAP) is a six-week study program for higher education administrators from post-secondary vocational and technical institutions. Over the past decade, LSI has administered fifteen CCAPs with participants from fifteen countries.

Established in 2022, FSU’s Ukraine Task Force was initially created to forge partnerships between FSU and Ukrainian scholars and educate the FSU community about Ukraine. The charge was to explore mechanisms and actions whereby the university can provide meaningful help locally, nationally and internationally to affected students, scientists and academics.

STEP supports a nationwide approach to continuous professional development (CPD) for teacher educators preparing primary teachers. Providing teacher educators quality professional development opportunities in foundational literacy instruction are beginning to make a difference. 

Dr. Robert Schoen's project titled "Impact of an Inquiry-Oriented Intervention on Teaching and Learning of Seventh-grade Statistics" garnered the Robert M. Gagné faculty award. Schoen's research delves into the effectiveness of inquiry-based learning methods in middle school math education, offering valuable insights for educators seeking to improve student engagement and understanding.

To continue to find new ways to help teachers, CPALMS recently launched a weekly segment of CPALMS Teacher Perspective Videos. These videos feature math teachers from Florida who share practical classroom tips and personal techniques for transitioning into new benchmarks. These weekly uploads contain helpful ideas applicable to multiple grade levels.