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Our mission at LSI is to improve learning and human performance globally. LSI is dedicated to researching and developing instructional and non-instructional interventions to improve performance. Our efforts focus on how individuals and organizations perform complex tasks and how we can help them achieve their performance goals.

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By The Numbers

An important metric for LSI’s performance is generating a strong return on every state/university dollar invested in the institute. This ratio is measured by dividing total dollar expenditures on contracts and grants by total expenditures from state/university dollars. In 2022-23, LSI’s ROI reached 15X, a year-over-year increase for the fourth consecutive year.

LSI is a research and development unit heavily dependent on competitive external contracts and grant funding. This funding is critical to make a positive impact in teaching and learning around the world. Continued funding support is an excellent indicator of the LSI team's high-quality work. In 2022-23, LSI surpassed $760 million in contract and grant funding since inception, making it one of the top producing institutes and centers in this area.

In Fiscal Year 2022-23, our staff generated record levels of expenditures, while demonstrating ingenuity, high productivity, and increased efficiency. The institute is making investments to continue to expand and deepen the expertise of the overall team. LSI added 31 new employees to our count during the year.

Working With LSI

"Large graphic explaining the benefits of working with LSI. The three sections are access to FSU departments, expertise in managing prime and sub awards and availability yea round to FSU faculty and staff. "