UNICEF-Pacific Technical Support In Designing An Early Grade Literacy Program For Tuvalu


The Learning Systems Institute received a grant from UNICEF-Pacific to conduct baseline research and design an “Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu.”

The international research project was managed by the Center for International Studies in Educational Research and Development at the Learning Systems Institute. Drs. Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi and Marion Fesmire spent two weeks in Fiji and Tuvalu interviewing teachers and visiting schools in the smallest nation in the world. They designed several assessment tools, including the Early Grade Reading Assessment (EGRA) that was adapted and translated to Tuvaluan with assistance from the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MEYS) in Tuvalu and with the support from UNICEF-Pacific in Suva, Fiji.

The LSI team used the information gathered in Tuvalu to design the Three-Year Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu; and produced a final report for UNICEF-Pacific.


Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi, Ed.D.
Associate Director, Center for International Studies in Educational Research & Development


Flavia Ramos-Mattoussi (Jan. 2013-April 2014). Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu, Contract # 43142634. Funded by UNICEF-Pacific. Total award: $ 34, 559

Ramos-Mattoussi, F.; Fesmire, M., and Amorim, E. (April 2014). Design of Three Year Early Grades Literacy Program for Tuvalu, Final Report. United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF-Pacific), Suva, Fiji.


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF-Pacific)