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STEM Education

LSI helps teachers and students achieve success in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by conducting high-quality basic research, developing evidence-based training experiences and educational resources that are engaging, innovative, and authentic. LSI is the home of the Florida Center for Research in STEM (FCR-STEM)

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LSI faculty have deep expertise in promoting literacy in contexts around the world. Current and past projects have involved literacy materials development, teacher training, coaching, and literacy assessment development. Using evidence-based approaches, LSI faculty develop contextually-appropriate approaches in improving literacy outcomes.

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Inclusive Education

LSI faculty are experts in creating customized services and supports to ensure all students with disabilities have the same educational, social, and future opportunities as their peers. We have more than 20 years of experience in this area, and LSI is also the home of the Florida Inclusion Network.

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Teacher Training/Learning

LSI has equipped tens of thousands of educators and industry professionals for success on the job by developing and delivering capacity-building workshops where participants enhance their content knowledge, improve their skills, and apply new learning in the real world.

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Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

LSI faculty are experts in a wide range of research methodologies and evaluation approaches, from large-scale randomized controlled trials to qualitative case studies. We have experience conducting research, monitoring, and evaluation worldwide, including in conflict and crisis settings.

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Policy and Standards

In the U.S. and in countries around the world, LSI advises policymakers on setting standards, developing benchmarks, and setting education sector policies related to teachers and student outcomes.

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Instructional Design and Curriculum Development

LSI supports millions of students, educators, and professionals by developing teaching and learning resources based on the knowledge of subject area experts and award-winning educators and the latest research in learning and cognition, instructional design, and teaching methods.

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Education Technology

For more than 40 years, LSI has been at the forefront of advancements in educational technology. Our faculty and staff have built applications and solutions used by millions of educators and students. Some of those innovations include CPALMS, the MySTEMKits curriculum with 3D printable manipulatives, CMAP for curriculum planning, and numerous apps and platforms. LSI creates applications that enhance teaching and learning by increasing efficiencies, making information more accessible, improving collaborations, and tools to provide just-in-time support and resources for teachers and students.

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Higher Education Capacity Building

LSI has engaged in higher education capacity building for more than 50 years. We take a collaborative, peer-to-peer approach to developing the skills of higher education faculty in various areas, including instruction, research, and administration.