National Reading Program Implementation and Expansion -- Malawi

"Photo of group holding two poster boards that show the team's progress completing units"

USAID contracted Florida State University (prime) and School-To-School to implement the National Reading Program Implementation and Expansion Activity (NRPIE). The objectives of this activity include engaging with the MOEST and key stakeholders and curricular experts in Malawi to provide technical assistance across several curriculum-related activities.  At the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology in Lilongwe and the Malawi Institute of Education in Zomba, Florida State University is currently providing technical support to federal stakeholders to develop Performance Level Descriptors, Performance Benchmarks, and Targets for Standards 1-4 Literacy and Math in Chichewa and English; develop Scopes and Sequences for Standards 5-8 Literacy in English and Chichewa; and draft Teachers Guides and Learner Books for Standard 5 Literacy in English and Chichewa.