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Learning Systems Institute

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The Learning Systems Institute helps strengthen and update teaching practices in Florida and around the world, drawing on the talents and experience of LSI’s own experts and from faculty across the university and from other institutions.

Improving learning and performance worldwide

Our Mission

The Learning Systems Institute works to bridge the gap between theory and practice in education. Our experts apply the best research to help teachers utilize this knowledge in their classrooms.

LSI strives to be an internationally recognized, university-based research and development organization that measurably improves the learning and performance of organizations and individuals.

The Learning Systems Institute is one of the nation’s oldest and most productive university-based education research organizations. In its research, LSI strives to bridge the gap between theory and practice in education.

Founded in 1969, LSI currently works primarily through its two centers:

Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

A multidisciplinary research center created by the Florida Legislature and competitively awarded to Florida State University in 2007, FCR–STEM helps the State of Florida improve STEM teaching and learning in grades K-12 and prepare students for higher education and STEM careers in the 21st century.

Through impacts on teacher knowledge and classroom practice, FCR–STEM strives to:

  • Improve student achievement in STEM fields.
  • Narrow student achievement gaps in STEM fields.
  • Increase student pursuit of STEM fields.

Center for International Studies in Educational Research & Development

CISERD works to improve learning and instruction in developing countries through educational research and development. Toward this end, we seek to work with international partners in government, universities, and non-governmental organizations to build capacity that will enable policy makers, researchers, and educators to sustain current projects and pursue future objectives.

Organizations such as the U.S. Agency for International Development, the U.S. Department of State, UNICEF, and CARE International have entrusted CISERD with research and development work, as have government agencies in, Indonesia, Ethiopia, the Philippines, India, Ukraine, Nigeria, Tuvalu, nations in Latin America, and elsewhere.

Through its work, the Learning Systems Institute focuses on:

Research — Drawing on the talents of LSI’s own faculty and collaborating with authorities across the university, LSI brings a range of expertise to bear in its research efforts and has demonstrated success in managing complex projects worth more than $700 million in the United States and abroad.

Learning and Instruction — LSI conducts rigorous scientific research to support educational reforms, curricular improvements, classroom instruction and integration of technology into learning systems. In these activities, we apply the principles of instructional systems development aiming to strike a balance between instruction and cognitive architecture of learning.

International Research and Development — LSI has a long and respected history of international work in education.  Our international projects focus on carrying out rigorous research to address the most pressing educational challenges that face developing countries.

Evaluation — LSI’s renowned expertise in developing research and development projects is complemented by an appreciation of and commitment to evaluation of our products. LSI has delivered evaluations as a major component of our projects or as a service for existing projects of others.

Contact LSI

(850) 644-2570

C4600 University Center
Florida State University
Tallahassee FL 32306-2540