The Learning Systems Institute (LSI) is at the forefront of developing innovative solutions that bridge theory and practice in education. Our experts’ advanced research provides not only state-of-the-art methods but also a clear path for implementation. We have been providing innovative work for 53 years and in 47 countries.

Our Expertise

Innovating Learning

For over 50 years, LSI has delivered systems that measurably improve the learning and performance of organizations and individuals here in Florida and worldwide. Our work has earned LSI an international reputation for efficient and effective management and technical work that meets clients' needs.

"Educator kneeling on the floor in a classroom with three young students all filling out paperwork on a clipboard"

Our Expertise

LSI is a leader in multidimensional education projects and capacity building for reforming and strengthening educational systems. LSI faculty and staff have expertise in performance improvement, learning technologies, international development, teacher education, instructional design, and professional development with extensive experience implementing educational programs in Florida, the United States, and 44 countries worldwide. LSI has a strong record of managing multi-million-dollar research and service projects.

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LSI News

Graphic featuring Dr. Zuilkowski posing with a trophy. The text reads 'Congratulations Dr. Stephanie Zuilkowski for being awarded the Ralph Stair Prize for Innovation in Education'.

Dr. Zuilkowski Wins Ralph Stair Prize For Innovation In Education

April 26, 2023

Graphic featuring the LSI logo, the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County logo and a photo of Dr. Amanda Tazaz. The headline is "LSI has been awarded a grant from the Children’s Board Of Hillsborough County to fund a new cognitively guided instruction project."

LSI Awarded Grant From The Children’s Board Of Hillsborough County

April 19, 2023

Graphic featuring the FSU seal and the word research

LSI's Work Is One Of 10 Ways FSU Is Changing The World

May 5, 2022

Featured Project

Transforming Teacher Education in Zambia

LSI is leading a five-year, $15 million project sponsored by USAID to improve pre-service teacher training in Zambia. In collaboration with our partners, LSI faculty will work with 12 universities and colleges of education in the country to enhance the training of primary grade teachers.

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