Institute for Charter School Research



With funding from the 2015 Florida Legislature, Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University has established an Institute for Charter School Research.

Its mission is to conduct research on policy and practice related to charter schools with a particular focus on Florida and to provide technical assistance and support to charter school applicants and sponsors. Activities the first year have focused on issues of authorizing and accountability and have included the development of the items described below.

All items can be accessed via links below.

Online Professional Development Modules

These six modules are on topics related to the Florida charter school application process and are intended for prospective charter school applicants.

Mapping Florida Charter Schools

This Power Point Presentation of maps shows the characteristics of charter schools across the state of Florida.

Research Summary

Research summary of existing research on charter schools and on issues related to the charter school application and authorization process.

Research summary_appendix

Summary of articles reviewed for the research summary above.

Technical Report

Responses from a non-representative online survey of Florida charter school applicants and district respondents, administered to inform the development of the professional development modules mentioned above.


Carolyn D. Herrington, Ph.D.
Department for Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

Senior Project Team
Marisa Benz, FCR–STEM
Marytza Gawlik, Ph.D., Department for Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
Whitney Lawrence, FCR–STEM
Linda Schrader, Ph.D., Department for Educational Leadership and Policy Studies


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