US-Indonesia Teacher Training Partnership (TTIP) Project, 2014 -2017


The US-Indonesia Teacher Training Partnership (TTIP) is a 2.5-year project to enhance the quality of effectiveness of pre-service teacher training in the area of early grade reading.

The US-Indonesia Teacher Training Institute Partnership is a set of activities to be implemented under the overall USAID PRIORITAS Project, which is a five-year project implemented by Research Triangle Institute (RTI), designed to improve access to quality education for children in Indonesia.


Under TTIP, FSU and Semarang State University will work together to:

• Conduct a needs assessment of Semarang State’s reading teacher education program.
• Review and revise course offerings.
• Train Semarang State instructors.
• Develop a joint SSU/FSU research agenda relative to the teaching and learning of early grade reading.
• Conduct a thorough program evaluation at the end of the project.


Helen N. Boyle, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of International and Comparative Education


USAID/RTI International