Tunoze Gusoma Schools and Systems – Rwanda

"Dr. Adrienne Barnes-Story addresses a crowd in Rwanda"

In conjunction with FHI 360 and its partners, the Learning Systems Institute is working to ensure that literacy instruction of Kinyarwanda (an official language in Rwanda) in pre-primary and lower primary schools is high quality, inclusive, and effective. LSI helped to roll out a previously developed module on teaching literacy skills in the Kinyarwanda language that was delivered to instructors from Teacher Training Colleges across Rwanda. The LSI team also completed a Baseline Situation Assessment and a Rapid Situation Assessment, presenting the findings to 50 national stakeholders. Finally, the LSI team worked closely with the Rwanda Education Board to establish a Teaching Practice Advisory Group. This group will review and refine the Teaching Practice Framework.

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Teaching Practice Advisory Group meeting in Nyamata, Rwanda

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