FCR-STEM gives Duval County teachers 3-D printer know-how to use in math, science classes

July 25, 2017


Emma Pugh, at left, a mathematics coach at Westview K-8 School, and Ming Ziang, center, who teachers algebra at Frank H. Peterson Academies of Technology, learn how teachers can use 3-D printer in STEM classes. At right is Marisa Benz of FSU’s Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, which conducted professional development for Pugh and Ziang and dozens of other science and math teachers in Duval County.

“The idea that you give kids at a young age the ability to render things in 3D and they’ll be able to transfer that one day to the manufacturing field is fantastic,” Alexandra Vlachakis, Duval’s career and tech education executive director for STEM, IT and computer science, told the Florida Times-Union’sDenise Smith Amos.

In today’s Florida Times-Union, read about how FCR-STEM provides high-quality professional development using 3-D technology: http://jacksonville.com/metro/education/news/2017-07-24/teachers-learn-3d-printers-new-way-challenge-excite-students.