FCR–STEMLearn for Grades 6-12 Math and Science Teachers

FCR-STEMLEARN2-300x169.jpgFCR–STEMLearn Grades 6-12, formerly BIOSCOPES, offers professional development to secondary math and science teachers throughout the state of Florida. The program began in 2010 in partnership with 21 school districts across north Florida and has expanded to include three rural educational consortia, and 55 Florida school districts. Serving over 2,500 teachers to date, the professional development (PD) focuses on strengthening participants’ content knowledge and their use of engaging activities to integrate STEM teaching and learning.

Developed by teams of College of Arts and Science faculty and experienced math and science teachers, the PD is organized into seven integrated STEM tracks with focus on: Statistics in Algebra I, Geometry, middle school math, Earth Systems & Climate, Physical Science, Diversity and Ecology and Cell Biology. This rigorous PD program includes summer institutes, lesson plan development workshops, online professional development modules, an academic year follow-up program, and the development of hundreds of instructional/educational resources.

During the academic year, teachers are implementing the STEM curriculum from the summer institutes, and continuing their professional development through Lesson Study at their schools, supported by an existing online Lesson Study Support System available through CPALMS.



Rabieh Razzouk, MBA

Director, Learning Systems Institute, and Director, Florida Center for Research in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (FCR-STEM)

Senior Project Team

Steven Blumsack, Ph.D.

Melissa Dyehouse, Ph.D.

Meghan Hauptli Everett

Zahid Kisa, Ph.D.

Robert Lengacher

Kerry Maddox, Ph.D.

Carrie Meyers

Maureen Oberlin

James Reynolds

Kris Ryan

Adam Santone, Ph.D.


Florida Department of Education through the U.S. Department of Education’s Math and Science Partnership Program, $14.3 million, 2014–2017