CPALMS Launches Another Free Resource For Florida's Teachers

March 29, 2024

By Larissa Martis, LSI Communications Assistant

The Learning Systems Institute (LSI) at Florida State University (FSU) has been improving educational practices through innovation, creativity, and expertise for over fifty years.  LSI houses CPALMS, a free online learning platform for Florida's K-12 public school teachers that embodies the innovative spirit at the core of the Learning Systems Institute.

To continue to find new ways to help teachers, CPALMS recently launched a weekly segment of CPALMS Teacher Perspective Videos. These videos feature math teachers from Florida who share practical classroom tips and personal techniques for transitioning into new benchmarks. These weekly uploads contain helpful ideas applicable to multiple grade levels. These videos are released each Tuesday on all CPALMS social channels (Facebook, X, Instagram). 

Convenience and accessibility are core to the design of By searching for a specific benchmark, teachers are provided with all relevant materials, including these brief perspective videos that can quickly spark inspiration. Teachers can discover a new teaching tool in a short five-minute video or find ways to implement a math manipulative in various lessons. 

For K-12 math teachers, the new Teacher Perspective Videos on CPALMS are designed to integrate into lesson plans easily. They help educators enhance their teaching practices and improve student learning outcomes.

For example, teachers planning a geometry lesson involving angle measurements may find the "Estimating Angles" perspective video insightful for integrating mathematical reasoning and thinking strategies. Or, if an educator is looking for a new creative way to teach students how to multiply polynomials, accessing the "Multiplying Polynomials" video can provide a fresh point of view that educators can implement in the classroom right away.

CPALMS has connected with educators statewide who wanted to share successful classroom ideas they believed others would benefit from. CPALMS is grateful to all the teachers who volunteered their time and energy to bring this project to life.

The new perspective videos received positive feedback from the teaching community and are showcased in professional development workshops and conferences. Their success is leading to the creation of more videos in the coming year. is the State of Florida's official source for standards information and course descriptions and offers more than 13,000 high-quality educational resources for Florida educators. It is actively used by millions around the world, including more than 260,000 Florida educators and approximately three million Florida students to access educational resources, information to help them teach and learn, and software applications to support them throughout.

Teacher Perspectives Videos