Dr. Romanova Looking To The Future While Working With FSU's Ukraine Task Force

May 16, 2024

By Larissa Martins, LSI Communications Assistant

Dr. Anna Romanova, a former member of the Ukrainian Parliament, has joined the Learning Systems Institute at Florida State University. As a researcher, Dr. Romanova utilizes her passion, expertise, and network to inform FSU's Ukraine Task Force.

From brainstorming project ideas to connecting with potential partners, Dr. Romanova closely collaborates with FSU Ukraine Task Force Director Dr. Vilma Fuentes to support her community and home country to the best of her ability. 

"Ukraine and our economy are in crisis right now, but we are thinking about the future, and we are working to support Ukraine to have a fast recovery," stated Dr. Romanova. 

An enthusiastic learner and a born leader, Dr. Romanova's lifelong fascination with education, social work and public administration have propelled her towards various leadership roles. In addition to working with LSI, she is a consultant for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and an active leader for different nonprofit organizations, such as the Ukrainian National Foundation for Veterans and Victims of War.

Previously, Dr. Romanova served as the Secretary of the Committee on Family, Youth, Sport, and Tourism Policies in the Ukrainian Parliament and as the Deputy Mayor of her hometown, Chernihiv. These positions ignited her interest in how tourism and hospitality can stimulate the economy. This role motivated her to pursue a doctorate in Economics at Kyiv National Economics University, where she later became an associate professor.

Romanova continues to utilize her teaching skills at FSU by hosting lectures for students and faculty about Russian myths and propaganda about Ukraine. She also participates in remote international conferences. 

Recently, Dr. Romanova delivered a speech on how mental health is maintained in American institutions at an international scientific conference hosted by Beketov Kharviv National University of Urban Economy in partnership with FSU. Since relocating to the United States, she has become particularly interested in American educational systems and hopes to apply her insights to help rebuild a brighter future in Ukraine.

"I want to see Ukraine's educational system as part of the global educational system because education can be a tool of recovery for economics and for people as well," said Dr. Romanova. "It's a great opportunity to study about the United States' educational system at all levels. As we understand, your educational system is much better, so I will be happy to go back to Ukraine to make a difference using my experience." 

Romanova is also organizing events to support the small Ukrainian community in Tallahassee. She is helping coordinate the first meeting for Ukrainians based at FSU, scheduled for May 15th. This is the day before Vyshyvanka Day, or Ukrainian Embroidery Day. This holiday celebrates Ukrainian cultural heritage by wearing traditional embroidered clothing, which holds deep symbolic value to the Ukrainian people. 

"The goal of this meeting is to recognize this Ukrainian tradition, but it's also essential for the Ukrainian community to hear from the leaders of FSU that they support Ukraine and Ukrainians," emphasized Dr. Romanova. 

Romanova is thrilled with the opportunity to support her country and its people through her research and collaboration at LSI. She is committed to solving Ukraine's current and future needs, including protecting the country from Russian digital attacks through cybersecurity training and digitizing cultural heritage to preserve Ukraine's rich history and identity. 

"LSI has experience applying for grants and collaborating with educational institutions all over the world, so I'm happy to be working in the right unit at FSU with a dream team of friendly people who really support Ukraine," stated Dr. Romanova. 

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