LSI Director Rabieh Razzouk: In My Own Words

July 13, 2022

What inspired me to work in the field of education was seeing how fellow students in college had an advantage because their teachers had more access to technology and resources than my school teachers did. Closing that gap has been a significant focus for our team at LSI. That goal led to the development of CPALMS, now the State of Florida's official source for standards and course descriptions. It also offers thousands of high-quality instructional and educational resources for teachers and students. It was not an easy road, but today our team supports millions of educators and students to improve teaching and learning using high-quality resources and tools created specifically for them.

Since the inception of LSI, we have worked on projects in dozens of countries. We have learned that we share the same challenges in education across the globe, and a lot more can be done if we collaborate on these issues. In my role as the Director of LSI, I hope to support and facilitate our team to do so.