LSI Receives Grant To Increase Entry Into Geosciences For Underrepresented Populations

October 16, 2023

Tallahassee, FL – Picture this - a summer day in the Big Bend region, and a group of pre-college students are exploring the fascinating world of geoscience. This is precisely what the National Science Foundation (NSF) has awarded the Learning System Institute (LSI) at Florida State University to do. 

Starting in the summer of 2024 and continuing into the summer of 2025, Principal Investigator Amanda Tazaz, Ph.D., will lead a partnership of geoscience agencies in the state and several departments at FSU and Florida A&M University to develop four geoscience summer camp programs that will be implemented with pre-college students attending summer camp at the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend. The grant is titled "GP-IN: Bridging the Gap into Geosciences for Underrepresented Pre-college Populations through Experiential Learning Opportunities" and aims to break down barriers to entry into the geosciences for underrepresented populations of students.

"Graphic with the LSI logo, a photo of Dr. Amanda Tazaz and the title of the article "LSI Receives Grant To Increase Entry Into Geosciences For Underrepresented Populations ""

The project will utilize local geoscience experts from the Apalachicola National Estuarine Research Reserve, Coastal Plains Institute, Florida Geological Survey, Central Panhandle Aquatic Preserves, FSU's Coastal and Marine Laboratory, FSU's Department of Earth, Ocean, Atmospheric Science, FSU's Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Institute and FAMU's School of the Environment. The experts will mentor and support camp participants as they learn about the geosciences and engage with real-life geoscience data collection and research activities.

"Through our partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of the Big Bend, we are excited to tackle the pressing concerns many geoscientists have raised regarding the issue of limited awareness, access, and opportunity to participate in meaningful geoscience experiences prior to college," said Tazaz. "By introducing historically underrepresented pre-college students to the world of geoscience at a crucial time in their lives, we hope to inspire a new generation of geoscientists from diverse backgrounds. This initiative could be the key to unlocking the full potential of underrepresented populations in the field of geoscience. It may lead to exciting new discoveries that benefit us all. Join us in this exciting endeavor and let's create a brighter future together.

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