Primary Teacher Residency Pilot Program For TTCS Launched

October 13, 2023

Kigali, October 4, 2023: The Minister of Education, Hon. Gaspard Twagirayezu, along with the Director-General of Rwanda Basic Education, Dr. Nelson Mbarushimanana, and other representatives from esteemed Education Partners, officially launched the pilot program for the Primary Teacher Residency Program. The primary objective of this program is to enhance teachers' knowledge and skills in 21st-century skills, with a focus on English proficiency and digital literacy, among other areas.

The celebration is the result of a great collaborative effort between the Ministry of Education, the Rainwater Charitable Foundation, Inspire Educate and Empower Rwanda (IEE), Florida State University (FSU), and Bridge 2 Rwanda (B2R).

The program will also deepen teachers' understanding of Evidence-Based Pedagogy, such as student-centered learning, inquiry-based teaching, and differentiation strategies, and provide practical teaching opportunities to develop classroom management skills, instructional techniques, and effective communication with students and parents."Hon. Gaspard Twagirayezu, Minister of Education speaking at the Primary Teacher Residency Pilot Program launch"

While launching the pilot, Minister of Education Hon. Gaspard Twagirayezu said:

“The Rwanda Primary Teacher Residency program is more than just an initiative; it represents a profound commitment to educational excellence. It seeks to revolutionize primary teacher training by going beyond the traditional Teacher Training College curriculum, offering mentor-guided learning, fostering creativity, embracing technology, and improving language proficiency. The program aims to equip aspiring educators with 21st-century teaching skills, enabling them to implement a competence-based curriculum and contribute to a prosperous and forward-thinking educational landscape.”

The pilot will include a pool of selected hundred graduates from Teacher Training Colleges (TTCs) for an integrated 12-month post-TTC program, and it will have three areas of focus, notably: Evidence-Based Pedagogy, 21st Century Skills with a focus (English Language Learning and digital literacy), and Teaching Practicum, leveraging Demonstration Schools associated with TTCs.

A total of 100 student teachers will be hosted at TTC Save, located in the Gisagara District, and TTC Gicumbi from Gicumbi District. Each will host a residency of 50 student teachers effectively, representing the population of TTC students, to provide a viable and scalable model of improving teachers’ competence and capacity.

The Program will ensure that prospective teachers have ample opportunities for hands-on training, mentoring, and technical content to prepare them for implementing the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC). The Ministry of Education and Rwanda Basic Education Board (REB) will oversee the implementation of the pilot.

The launch of the Primary Teacher Residency pilot in Rwanda is ultimately, one of the significant milestones in the country's commitment to advancing education and exemplifies Rwanda’s dedication to excellence in education by taking a bold step toward improving teacher competence, skills and qualification and creating conducive environment for both teachers and students in the pursuit of quality education in the country.

Story and photos from the Ministry of Education in Rwanda